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Nova Royalty’s business is built on mutually-beneficial relationships.

  • For many third-party royalty holders, we have bought royalties which were family heirlooms; and many have become shareholders in exchange.
  • Our investors rely on our integrity, ability, and judgement.
  • Our employees joined our company for a chance to create something unique and special.

We focus our investments on those mining companies who are good citizens in their communities. In each and every case, before we acquire a royalty, we ask the question of whether we want to associate ourselves and our reputation with the project, its operator, and the mine’s overall impact on the community and the world. That is our fundamental view on corporate responsibility, and the core of our ESG policy.

We have adopted the World Gold Council’s Responsible Gold Mining Principles as the basis for our ESG policies.  These are thoughtful and comprehensive policies and are broadly accepted principles within the mining industry. While we do not control the mining projects themselves, we want to associate our name and reputation only with projects that we feel make an overwhelmingly positive contribution to their community and environment.

We have a rigorous due diligence process on each royalty that we seek to acquire. We do extensive research into not only the technical merits of the projects but spend significant time independently assessing each operator’s relationship with the local community, governments, and other key stakeholders.

We believe that operator quality is the most critical ingredient in making sure that our projects achieve a positive impact, and we actively target the strongest, most capable operators. Our key projects are owned by some of the world’s largest and most successful mining companies, who have comprehensive and well-developed ESG programs in place, and who demonstrate a firm commitment to operating responsibly.

Nova’s most fundamental strength, since the beginning, has been its team. We have been fortunate to have the contributions of so many capable people who want to build a unique, leading royalty company with a reputation for honesty and integrity. We look forward to seeing that continue.

- Hashim Ahmed, Interim CEO