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Building the leading battery metals royalty company.

Our world is in the early stages of a fundamental change in how we live, breathe, and work. At the center of this shift is a transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, and this transition depends on a new energy supply chain. We are a company, founded by mining sector entrepreneurs, to invest in the critical components of this new supply chain – copper and nickel.

Nova is building a portfolio of royalties and streams on some of the world’s leading copper and nickel projects – the strategic assets necessary for the world’s energy transition. We believe that the royalty model is the most attractive way to invest in any commodity. The royalty owner makes a single upfront payment to purchase the royalty, and in exchange, receives a percentage of a mine's revenues –irrespective of operating costs and capital expenditures – with no additional capital commitments.

Since our founding in 2018, we have built a portfolio consisting of producing and development-stage royalties, with our primary development assets being advanced by some of the world's leading mining companies, including: First Quantum, Anglo American, Teck, Glencore, Newmont, Antofagasta, and Rio Tinto. We always continue looking for attractive opportunities to add to our portfolio, and welcome new investors to participate in the Nova story as shareholders.